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We all want to be healthy and stay healthy. When injured, we want to recover as quickly and fully as possible. Join our vibrant community of outdoor adventurers and elevate your health
through tailored injury rehab/prevention, wellness & performance programming from our team of experts. Here's what the Rock Docs can do for you and your climbing.

Tailored Injury Rehab

Pain and injury steals way too much from way too many, often unnecessarily. Whether you are ignoring a nagging injury or trying to address it without success, we want to support you with evidence-informed expertise so that you achieve the health you deserve. Let’s get you back doing what you love without those pesky symptoms!

Pain Relief

Tired of that nagging pain? Is it stopping you from joining your friends and family in the gym or outside? Or holding back your training? Maybe it’s time to make a plan for lasting relief. Our experts tailor their orthopedic exams and treatment plans to your specific needs, whether that’s casually climbing with the family on Wednesday nights or sending double digit boulder problems.

Injury Prevention

Reducing injury risk for the long term requires intentional planning, self awareness and a little bit of discipline. That means climbing, training, and exercising smart. After a baseline functional performance screen, the Rock Docs integrate the latest science of training and recovery with your injury/medical history to tailor recommendations specific to you!

Tailored Injury Rehab

HeadlineOur tailored evaluations consist of a 1-hour in-depth assessment of the following:

- A thorough discussion of past/current injury.

- A thorough discussion of past/current training history.

- A thorough orthopedic examination of your current injury.

- Development of

an individualized rehabilitation plan for your current injury including:

- Active recovery programming (We keep our people safely moving and working hard despite injury)

- Specific rehab protocols based on your body’s needs and your goals.

- Discussion around future training/programming considerations.

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Pain Relief

Acute and chronic pain can be annoying, stressful or even scary. The sooner you get good advice the sooner you start to feel better and get back to what you love. Our experts will use a 1-on-1 hour-long evaluation to help you understand:

-Exactly what and how much to do to get pain relief as fast as possible.

- What to avoid for now as your body recovers and adapts.

- Other factors that impact pain and recover (often habits and behaviors you will feel resistant to changing. Don’t worry; we know how to help with that).

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Injury Prevention

The best way to climb strong is to BE STRONG. The best way to stay injury free is to train smart.

Want to be well? What habits are you cultivating that promote this goal?

Quality research made it much easier for us to make specific recommendations that are effective at the individual level. If you need/want help understanding what you could be doing that would reduce your lifelong risk of injury we can help! Want to learn more about how to protect your health and train/move sustainably?

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Get back to your best: Your key to rehab, wellness and performance.

Meet Dr. Kyle

Hi, I'm Kyle from The Rock Docs and I'm excited to share with you everything that I've learned over the last 20 years of climbing/mountain biking and 10 years of clinical practice as a physical therapist and specialist in Orthopedics.

Athletes like us have specific rehabilitation needs and it can be frustrating to hear a medical provider say “just rest” or my personal favorite: “just stop doing that”. At the Rock Docs we know how to keep our patients and clients moving towards their specific goals despite pain and injury.

Look for me in the gym wearing my Rock Docs shirt and come say hi!

Dr. Kyle Cherney

The Rock Docs Specialist

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Certified in Spinal Manipulation Therapy and Dry Needling

Certified Behavior Change Specialist

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When the world of rock climbing started to become more and more popular, a small group of adrenaline junkies exploded into a vibrant and ever growing community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The specific goals and needs of our unique community are not well understood by those who don’t also enjoy the sports we enjoy. The Rock Docs are here to make sure your unique needs are met so you can stay well and recover. Schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation quickly and never feel lost or confused about injury or pain. Follow us or come find us in the gym to learn more about how we can help!


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